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Race Face Next R 35 Carbon Handlebar

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Upgrade your biking experience with the Race Face Next R 35 Carbon Riser Bar, designed to enhance your ride in multiple ways. Crafted from lightweight and durable carbon, these handlebars not only provide a smoother ride by dampening vibrations but also contribute to weight reduction for improved performance.

The carbon construction ensures strength and reliability, making these handlebars a durable choice for your biking adventures. With dialed geometry, the Race Face Next R 35 Carbon Riser Bar offers optimized handling and control, allowing you to navigate trails with confidence.

Whether you're replacing a bent metal bar or seeking to improve your bike's performance, these carbon riser bars from Race Face are a worthy investment. Elevate your biking experience with a combination of lightweight design, durability, and enhanced geometry.


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Constructed from UD Carbon, the Race Face Next R 35 Carbon Riser Bar boasts a blend of strength and lightweight properties. The dimensions are carefully designed to enhance your biking experience:

Bar Diameter: 35 mm
Rise: 20 mm
Sweep: 8° Rearward, 5° Upward
Width: 800 mm (adjustable, can be trimmed down to 750 mm)
Key Features include Carbon Optimized Flex, contributing to improved small bump compliance. This feature ensures that the handlebar responds effectively to minor irregularities in the terrain, providing a smoother and more controlled ride. The thoughtful design and material choice make the Race Face Next R 35 Carbon Riser Bar a valuable addition to your bike setup.


The Race Face Next R 35 Carbon Riser Bar is specifically designed for mountain biking, catering to various disciplines including Trail, All-Mountain / Enduro, and Downhill. Here are some key specifications:

Biking Type: Mountain
Used For: Trail, All-Mountain / Enduro, Downhill
Material: Carbon Fiber
Clamp Diameter (mm): 35
Width (mm): 800
Sweep (°): 5
Warranty: 3 Years
This carbon fiber riser bar is engineered to meet the demands of challenging mountain biking terrains, providing durability, performance, and a comfortable riding experience. With a clamp diameter of 35mm and a width of 800mm (adjustable down to 750mm), it offers versatility for different preferences and riding styles. The 5° sweep enhances control and handling during your mountain biking adventures. Additionally, the Race Face Next R 35 Carbon Riser Bar comes with a 3-year warranty, reflecting confidence in its quality and craftsmanship.

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