Here at we love a good discount, but what we love even more is when that discount is on a product that was a great value at the original price. We know that not all bicycles are created equal and sometimes manufacturers hit that sweet spot between a good price and great quality, which creates a great value proposition for potential buyers and of course gets the attention of our deal masters at

People ask us all the time what city/commuter bicycle they should buy, what is a great deal for their money, and which is a bicycle that will get them places and can be kept up in good condition for years with reasonable maintenance. So, we decided to give you a quick list of the best commuting and recreational bicycles available this year.

Below is the list of bicycles that we tried out, some of them we even bought for ourselves, and the ones that are a great bang for the buck in 2021.

UP TO $500

Single Speed/ Gearless–   STATE BICYCLE CORE LINE $299


For a slower, but cooler ride to and from your local brewery this is a great single-speed bicycle. It has a hub that can be turned around, so you can switch between fixed or freewheel rides. If you live in a city without too many hills, this is a great bicycle that will last you for years.


Vitus Dee City Bike $399

We don’t like recommending geared bicycles in this price range, since manufacturers sometimes use unknown or rare parts that will be harder to service or find spares. If you live in a hilly area and you absolutely need gears Vitus Dee is a good choice. Don’t expect buttery smooth gear changing and crazy speeds, but it is a bike that is great for commuting and it represents great value.


Public V7I- $900.


This is the bicycle that will get you places, all while looking cool and classy. It has 7-speed Nexus internally geared hub which means no maintenance and the usual cleaning that is associated with cassette-type gears. It’s got fenders to keep the dirt and water off your back, so it’s great for work commuting. This is a great bicycle for beginners who want to get into casual riding, people who want to live a little greener by not driving everywhere, and experienced cyclists who need a second commuter-style bicycle.


Canyon Roadlite 7- MSRP $1,399 

We can’t praise this bicycle enough for city commuters and recreational riders. If you want to get in shape this is the bicycle for you, if you want to get fast around town this is also an amazing bicycle for your needs. It comes with amazing components, Shimano Ultegra, and 105 class mixed up to provide a smooth and reliable city ride. These components can be found on many much more expensive road bikes and are known for reliability and smooth and precise gear change. It also comes with disc brakes, which won’t fail you in rain and provide outstanding stopping power, so if you get carried away while going downhill, these will surely slow you down safely. It comes with an aluminum frame that is sleek looking it comes in some great color combinations. This is surely the best hybrid city bicycle for the money that will last you for years and it won’t ever become obsolete.

Pinarello Lungavita Bike MSRP $1,250

To the top of our list is a bicycle that comes from the famous Pinarello. Some people will roll their eyes at the price asked for this single-speed bicycle, but you just can’t deny the good looks and cool factor of this bicycle. This is not a bicycle you see everywhere, a piece of Italian panache that turns the head of a passerby, and a bicycle that can be ridden while drinking good espresso from a ceramic cup (this wasn’t tried in practice, but we have a feeling it can be accomplished).

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