Shoe Covers and Overshoes

Shoe covers and overshoes are designed to fit perfectly over the cycling shoes, providing a barrier between the feet and the elements. Shoe covers will keep your feet protected from water, wind, and low temperatures. Because, no matter the type of cycling, cyclists’ feet don’t get much movement and so they get really cold.  Whether you're sprinting up and down the roads or riding your bike to work, you will need a pair on those cold and rainy days.

Shoe covers - We've got you covered!

Shoe covers are a must for cycling in cold weather. Feet don’t really get much action in cycling, especially if you wear clipless shoes. That is why they are very susceptible to the elements. Cycling in cold and windy conditions, add rain or snow in the mix and it can kill the fun of it leaving a cyclist feeling freezing and miserable. Luckily shoe covers and overshoes offer an efficient and inexpensive solution to the problem. Here are the characteristics of shoe covers that make them such perfect solution:

  • They are made from a flexible material, neoprene, and similar so that they fit snugly around shoes, easy to put on and off.
  • They are easily packable so that you can easily take them in a pocket of your cycling jersey or a jacket or in your saddle bag.
  • They are compatible with the clipless pedal system of your choice having a recess for cleats on the underside
  • Seams are as few as possible, welded or taped to make them waterproof and windproof. Zippers are also waterproof. Wind and waterproof specifications are stated by the manufacturer.
  • They may have reinforcements so that you can make a few steps in them without worry that they would tear. It also increases their proofing power.
  • High visibility markings on both feet as extra safety features

There are different types of shoe covers based on what kind of protection they give and also what kind of cycling they are intended for:

  • Aero shoe covers and overshoes – They are light and thin, close-fitting, and waterproof. They are made for use in road cycling, giving some protection against the elements, but remaining aerodynamic. They don’t offer a lot in terms of thermal insulation, though.
  • Thermo shoe covers – offer thermal insulation as their main benefit. Made from thick neoprene materials, they provide warmth and keep wind and rain out, being an ideal winter choice.
  • Gaiters for regular shoes – since not everyone cycles with clipless pedals.

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