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Avid BB7 Road SL Disc Brake

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Compatible with most mechanical disc brake systems, the Avid BB7 Road SL Disc Brake Caliper with Rotor gets the job done with impressive stopping power in wet and dry conditions alike.


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Tri-Align™ Caliper Positioning System™
Another original Avid technology making your life better—there’s never been an easier brake to install and adjust. With Avid’s Tri-Align™Caliper Positioning System™, aligning the caliper to the rotor literally takes seconds. Just loosen the CPS™ bolts a little, and then squeeze the brake lever while re-tightening the bolts. Perfect caliper alignment—just like that.


Weight: 170 grams, Caliper only
Caliper Design: Mechanical, Forged 2-piece Aluminum
Finish: Falcon Grey (2012 Red Match)
Rotor: Centerline 140/160mm
Pad: Aluminum-backed Organic
Adjustment: Dual Knob Pad Adjustment, Tri-Align Caliper Positioning System
Intended Use: CX/TRK/COM/ROAD

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