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Avid Juicy/BB7 Disc Brake Pad

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This rectangular pad set, enough for one brake, works with all of the Juicy hydraulic brakes and the cable-operated BB7.


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Since you never want to ride metal on metal, it's always good to have two sets of pads around, so you don't need to hustle to find pads when you suddenly realize you need to replace your old pads the Friday night before a big weekend of riding. Included in the kit are two pads and a spreader spring for one brake. Choose organic or metallic compound.
-Organic brake pads: quieter but wear out faster than metallic; better modulation, less power
-Metallic brake pads: noisier but last longer than organic; less modulation, more power
-Each package includes 2 brake pads


-Responsible Collection: Organic Materials
-Material: organic, metallic compound
-Compatibility: Juicy hydraulic, BB7
-Recommended Use: mountain bike

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