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GOREWEAR Torrent cycling windbreaker jacket

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Experience the ultimate comfort and performance with the GORE Wear Torrent cycling windbreaker jacket. Designed specifically for riders who brave the cold, this jacket is a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation. Whether you're pushing through a challenging ride or enjoying the thrill of a chilly morning, the GORE Wear Torrent cycling windbreaker jacket is your go-to gear for cold weather cycling. Embrace the cold with confidence and style.


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GORE Wear Torrent Cycling Windbreaker: Your Essential Companion for Cold Weather Rides

Embrace the chill of the open road with the GORE Wear Torrent cycling windbreaker jacket. Crafted for those who seek adventure regardless of the temperature, this jacket is a testament to our dedication to providing riders with the ultimate in comfort and performance.

The GORE-TEX Active membrane ensures exceptional breathability and windproofing, allowing you to maintain your pace without overheating or feeling the bite of the wind. The jacket's fleece lining offers a cozy layer of warmth, making those cold morning rides more enjoyable.

Designed with the cyclist in mind, the GORE Wear Torrent features a contoured fit that hugs your body, reducing wind resistance and enhancing your aerodynamics. The cuffs are specifically engineered to fit over gloves, ensuring that no heat escapes and your hands remain warm and responsive.

Whether you're powering through a challenging ride or simply enjoying the beauty of a frosty landscape, the GORE Wear Torrent cycling windbreaker jacket is your reliable partner for cold weather cycling. Ride with confidence and stay protected against the elements.


GORE-TEX Active Membrane: This material is known for its excellent breathability, windproofing, and ability to move with the rider's body, ensuring comfort and protection against the elements.
3-Layer Shell: The jacket is constructed with a three-layer shell that provides an additional barrier against cold and wind.
Fleece Lining: For added warmth, the jacket is lined with fleece, which helps to retain heat and keep the rider comfortable in colder temperatures.
Contoured Fit: The jacket is designed to contour to the rider's body, providing a snug fit that enhances aerodynamics and reduces wind resistance.
Cuffs Designed for Gloves: The cuffs are specifically designed to go over gloves, ensuring maximum heat retention and preventing cold air from entering through the sleeves.

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