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Giro Aether Spherical Helmet

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Giro’s next evolution in design, called the Giro Aether Spherical Helmet, promises the very best in safety, performance, and comfort. We got one of the first looks of any bike shop around; needless to say, we are extremely excited about this helmet.


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Giro’s newest helmet has an even more distinctive shape courtesy of its MIPS Spherical technology. Also known as MIPS SP, this technology is an evolution of MIPS found on other cycling helmets. Originally developed for elite alpine racing, this technology uses two layers of Nano Bead EPS foam (25% the size of standard EPS found in other helmets) that are designed to move around like a ball and socket. The design eliminates the plastic piece of standard MIPS and reduces rotational forces even further. In short, the Aether promises impact protection born from repeatedly hitting gates skiing down a mountain at 90 mph. Keeping all of this innovation together is even more technology, aimed at both improved ventilation and comfort. The outer shell of the Aether uses what Giro calls their Aura Halo, seen as the clear top part between each piece of foam. The Aura Halo is shatter-resistant and is strong enough to increase the spacing between each part of the helmet. Inside, the Aether uses Giro’s new Roc Loc 5 Plus fit system. This is an evolution of Roc Loc Air found on the Synthe but offers a full wraparound and a band over the head to improve airflow and adjustability.

The most impressive part of the helmet? How well it fits. We tried it on a wide range of heads with varying amounts of hair (from none to too much), and the Aether design fits nicely. It’s impressively ventilated, with eleven massive vents outside and air channels on the inside of the helmet that forces air over the scalp. Add to it the fact that the Aether is lighter than the existing Giro Synthe MIPS, and it makes for a game-changing helmet.


For years, we’ve dealt with road bike helmets as a function of ventilation. Protection is important, but riding a full-face helmet in one-hundred-degree weather on the road does not make for a palatable bike ride experience. Helmets today are even more impressive, with each helmet promising better ventilation, improved aerodynamics, and increased safety without sacrificing weight. The Giro Aether helmet is perhaps the most impressive helmet we’ve seen yet, as it blends performance, low weight, and safety into one attractive package.

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