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Ibis 742 Carbon Fiber 27.5in Boost Wheelset

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The frame at the heart of your dream machine was built to crush enduro descents without getting out of breath on climbs or smoother terrain. Given that discipline-defying versatility, putting a wheelset that’s firmly “enduro” or “trail” on it would just feel limiting. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about it.


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If you want a set of hoops that’s as ready for big, technical lines as you and your frame are, but doesn’t trade durability for low weight, look to the Ibis 742 Carbon Fiber 27.5in Boost Wheelset.
As the successor to the Ibis 741’s impressive legacy, the 742 arrives 100g lighter and with a reshaped rim profile. This new design remains reassuringly solid as you steer into the techier line, blasting through boulders and over torso-sized tree roots with the peace of mind that only a new, beefy rim can bring.
Atop the 742 your tire, plus or regular width, will sit cleanly on a 35mm perch, resisting flats and burping with its hookless bead. Run it with a lower PSI for a plush feel as you barrel down your favorite ridgeline descent, and it’ll hang on for the ride every time. And if that all weren’t enough, these happy hoops will be spinning on none other than Industry Nine’s unrivaled hubs, their 6-pawl design engaging instantly whether you’re battling slick, rocky switchbacks after a fresh rain, or accelerating out of a corner to place in your local weeknight race series.
-A lightweight, plus-sized wheel built for enduro shenanigans
-Oversized footprint takes full advantage of plus-sized tires
-Shallower rims for additional longevity vs. big hits
-High toughness pre-preg epoxy adds additional impact resistance
-American-made I9 freehub engages virtually instantaneously
-Item #IBS002N


-Rim Material: carbon fiber
-Wheel Size: 27.5 in
-Tire Type: tubeless
-Rim Depth: 19 mm
-Rim Width: [internal] 35 mm, [external] 41 mm

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