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Leatt MTB 1.0 GripR Bike Gloves

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The Leatt MTB 1.0 GripR Bike Gloves offer a lightweight and non-impact protecting design, ideal for everyday riding. Key features include a stretchy and breathable upper for comfort, along with the excellent MicronGrip palm that ensures a secure grip on the handlebars and levers. The palm design provides a Spiderman-like feel, and the gloves are equipped with touch screen compatibility, allowing seamless use with smartphones and bike computers. These gloves are designed to enhance the riding experience by combining functionality, grip, and comfort.


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The Leatt MTB 1.0 GripR Bike Gloves have the following specifications:


Vented, Four-way Stretch Upper
MicronGrip Palm

Pre-curved Snug Fit and Seamless Palm
Super Slim with Superior Handlebar Feel
Stretch Fit Comfort Cuff

FormFit Finger Stitching for Superior Handlebar Feel
Multi-row Technical Thread Stitching
Additional Features:

Silicone Grip Print for Excellent Dry and Wet Grip
Touch Screen Compatible
These specifications highlight the materials used, the fit and construction features, as well as additional attributes like grip print and touch screen compatibility. The gloves are designed to provide comfort, superior handlebar feel, and functionality for both dry and wet conditions.


The Leatt MTB 1.0 GripR Bike Gloves have the following specifications:

Material: Synthetic
Biking Type: Mountain
Warranty: 1 Year
These specifications provide information about the material used (synthetic), the intended biking type (Mountain), and the warranty period (1 Year) for the gloves.

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