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microSHIFT R8 Drop Bar Shifter

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The R-Series drop bar shifters are engineered with user convenience in mind, aiming to simplify the cycling experience. These shifters feature separate and distinct levers for upshifting and downshifting, providing riders with precise control over their gear changes. Additionally, the brake lever is entirely fixed, eliminating the possibility of accidental shifts.

This design approach enhances the overall ease of use for cyclists, allowing them to focus on the road ahead without the concern of unintentional gear shifts. The intentional separation of the shifting and braking functions contributes to a more streamlined and user-friendly operation, making the R-Series drop bar shifters a practical choice for cyclists looking for efficiency and control in their gear changes.


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The R-Series drop bar shifters are designed with external shifter cable routing, offering several advantages. The external routing makes it easy to replace shifter cables, providing a straightforward maintenance process. It also helps avoid kinks in the housing, ensuring a smooth and reliable shifting performance.

In addition to the practical benefits of external cable routing, these shifters prioritize comfort with ergonomic design. The ergonomic features contribute to a comfortable and natural hand position for the rider. Combined with crisp shifting action, the R-Series drop bar shifters are positioned as offering the best value in road shifters.

Furthermore, the availability of various versions ensures compatibility with different bike setups, allowing cyclists to choose the specific configuration that suits their unique needs. Overall, the R-Series drop bar shifters aim to provide a reliable, comfortable, and versatile shifting solution for road cyclists.


The R-Series drop bar shifters come with a range of features that cater to specific compatibility and customization needs:

Compatibility with Shimano 8-Speed Road Derailleurs: These shifters are designed to work seamlessly with Shimano 8-speed road derailleurs, ensuring reliable and precise shifting performance.
Left Shifter for Road Triple: The left shifter is configured to accommodate a road triple setup, providing the necessary controls for the front derailleur in such configurations.
Replaceable Hood Cover and Face Plate: The shifters feature a replaceable hood cover and face plate, allowing users to easily replace or customize these components for aesthetic or functional reasons.
Cold Forged Brake Levers: The brake levers are cold forged, a manufacturing process that enhances durability and strength, ensuring reliable braking performance.
Short Reach Option: The shifters offer a short reach option, catering to cyclists who prefer or require a shorter reach distance for comfortable and efficient hand positioning.
Overall, with compatibility for Shimano 8-speed road derailleurs, a left shifter suitable for road triple setups, replaceable components, cold forged brake levers, and a short reach option, the R-Series drop bar shifters aim to provide a versatile and customizable solution for road cyclists.

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