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OneUp Components Switch Oval Traction Chainring

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The OneUp Components Switch Oval Traction Chainring ensures maximum efficiency and affordability, offering a bank-saving solution for riders. Designed to keep your chain securely in place during intense and rowdy rides, this chainring provides reliable performance at only a fraction of the cost compared to a complete direct mount chainring. Enjoy the benefits of a dependable and cost-effective solution without compromising on performance during your cycling adventures.


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Forged from a lightweight yet robust alloy, the OneUp Components Switch Oval Traction Chainring is built to withstand rigorous conditions while maintaining its resilience. The narrow Wide tooth profile of this chainring ensures that your chain stays securely in place even during the most demanding descents and traversals of rocky terrains. The unique ring-to-spider interface is designed for convenience, allowing the chainring to be easily removed and slipped over the crank arm with a single tool, a 4mm Allen key. This innovative design eliminates the need to remove the entire crank or spider, streamlining the process of making gear changes. Enjoy the ability to remove, replace, and adjust your gearing within seconds, thanks to the durable and lightweight aluminum construction coupled with a smart and efficient interface. Experience the ideal performance and ease of use that this chainring brings to intense rides.


- **Material:** 7075-T6 aluminum
- **Number Of Rings:** 1
- **Teeth:** Available in 28t, 30t, 32t, 34t, 36t options
- **Compatible Components:** All Switch carriers
- **Recommended Use:** Mountain biking

These specifications outline the key details of the OneUp Components Switch Oval Traction Chainring:

- **Material:** Crafted from durable and lightweight 7075-T6 aluminum.
- **Number Of Rings:** Designed as a single chainring for optimal simplicity.
- **Teeth Options:** Available in various teeth options including 28t, 30t, 32t, 34t, and 36t to suit different riding preferences.
- **Compatible Components:** Compatible with all Switch carriers, ensuring versatile use.
- **Recommended Use:** Specifically recommended for mountain biking, catering to the demands of off-road riding.

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