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Revel Wheels RW30 27.5in 1/1 Boost Wheel

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Revel is making waves in the cycling industry with the introduction of the Paramount RW30 wheelset, which features a groundbreaking construction using 100% recyclable materials. This innovative approach to design aligns with sustainability goals, showcasing Revel's commitment to environmentally friendly practices in manufacturing cycling components.

The use of recyclable materials in the construction of the RW30 wheelset not only contributes to reduced environmental impact but also highlights the potential for a more sustainable approach within the cycling community. Cyclists who prioritize eco-friendly products may find the Paramount RW30 wheelset an appealing choice, as it combines performance with a commitment to environmental responsibility.


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The Revel RW30 27.5in 1/1 Boost Wheel caters to trail riding enthusiasts, delivering a blend of innovative features and high-performance attributes:

Fusion-Fiber Technology: Utilizing Fusion-Fiber technology, recognized for its 100% recyclable and durable characteristics, the wheelset achieves a lightweight feel with significantly damped characteristics, enhancing the overall riding experience.
Industry 9 1/1 Boost Front and Rear Hubs: The incorporation of Industry 9 1/1 boost front and rear hubs ensures rapid power transfer, improving acceleration out of corners and providing superior handling on rough surfaces.
Lightweight and Durable: Crafted to be both lightweight and durable, the RW30 wheelset is well-suited for navigating challenging terrain often encountered in trail riding.
29-Millimeter Internal Rim Width: Featuring a 29-millimeter internal rim width, the wheelset accommodates tire sizes ranging from 2.3 to 2.5 inches, offering versatility for confidently tackling various trails and terrains.
Serving as a unique identifier, this item number facilitates product identification and ordering for the Revel RW30 27.5in 1/1 Boost Wheel.
Overall, the RW30 wheelset is designed to provide a high-performance and environmentally conscious solution for trail riders, combining recyclable Fusion-Fiber technology, Industry 9 hubs, and a versatile rim width to meet the demands of challenging off-road conditions.


The Revel RW30 27.5in 1/1 Boost Wheel boasts the following additional specifications:

Construction Material: Fusion-Fiber technology, ensuring 100% recyclable and durable characteristics for a lightweight yet significantly damped riding experience.
Hub Type: Industry 9 1/1 Boost front and rear hubs, facilitating rapid power transfer, improving acceleration, and enhancing handling on uneven surfaces.
Purpose: Tailored for trail riding enthusiasts, offering a combination of lightweight design and durability to tackle challenging off-road terrain.
Rim Width: 29-millimeter internal rim width, providing compatibility for tire sizes ranging from 2.3 to 2.5 inches, allowing versatility in navigating various trails.
Item Identification: Item #RRV0002, serving as a unique identifier for easy product identification and ordering.
These specifications contribute to the wheelset's high-performance characteristics, making it an ideal choice for trail riders seeking a reliable and environmentally conscious solution.

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