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Shimano Ultegra R8000 Brake Caliper Set

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The BR-R8000 introduces a strikingly sleek design, marked by reduced gaps between the arms for a more streamlined aesthetic. This meticulous engineering results in a brake that not only performs exceptionally but also exudes a refined appearance. The widened clearance is a noteworthy enhancement, accommodating larger tire sizes, specifically up to 28C. This innovative feature not only adds to the brake's visual appeal but also enhances its versatility, addressing the changing preferences and requirements of cyclists who prefer larger tire dimensions. Elevate your braking experience with the BR-R8000, a seamless fusion of form and function, offering a cutting-edge solution for cyclists seeking both performance and style in their braking systems.


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The strategically placed stabilizer between the axles in this braking system plays a pivotal role in reducing deformation, thereby significantly enhancing braking efficiency. This innovative design not only minimizes unwanted flex but also provides cyclists with a distinct and clear contact feeling when applying the brakes. The system achieves a harmonious balance between rigidity, weight, and stopping power, ensuring optimal performance in various cycling conditions.

Adding to its prowess, the braking system features high-quality brake pads, specifically the R55C4. These advanced brake pads contribute to the overall precision and power of the braking system. The R55C4 pads, known for their quality and performance, complement the stabilizer technology seamlessly.

Cyclists can ride with confidence, knowing that the combination of stabilizer technology and top-notch brake pads results in a responsive and effective braking system. Whether navigating challenging terrains or cruising at high speeds, this braking system promises a superior and reliable braking experience for cyclists seeking the perfect blend of precision and power.


Product Name: Shimano Ultegra BR-R8000 Brakes - pair
Manufacturer: Shimano Parts
Item Code: SHI315552
Activity: Cycling
Material: Aluminium
Usage Bikesport: Road Bike
Rim Brake - Mounting: Central Fastening Bolt - Short (standard)
Max Tire Width: 28mm
Brake Actuation: Mechanical
These brakes, designed for road bikes, are manufactured by Shimano Parts and carry the item code SHI315552. Crafted from aluminum, they feature a central fastening bolt for rim mounting, specifically designed for short reach (standard) setups. Suitable for road biking, these mechanical brakes offer a maximum tire width of 28mm, providing reliable stopping power for various road cycling scenarios.
Rim Brake - Version: Front & rear set, Brake
Rim Width Min-Max: 20.8-28.0mm
Rim Brake Reach: 51mm
Color: Black
Weight: 360g
These brakes are designed for road bikes and feature a central fastening bolt, making them suitable for rims with a width ranging from 20.8mm to 28.0mm. The mechanical brake actuation and a reach of 51mm provide reliable braking performance. The pair comes in a sleek black color and has a total weight of 360g.

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