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Shimano XTR M9000 GS Shadow+ Rear Derailleur

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It appears that the provided text is related to the introduction of the X11 revolution in drivetrains and the anticipation of Shimano entering the 11-speed realm with its fully decked out XTR drivetrain. The text mentions that the XTR drivetrain exhibits the traits that XTR is known for and is fully optimized for the 11-speed experience.


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In this mid-cage rear derailleur, Shimano has ingeniously engineered a shifting mechanism capable of seamlessly navigating through any of the 11-speed spread setups. It is versatile, compatible with both single and double front chainring setups. The incorporation of a refined Shadow RD Plus clutch rear derailleur, a novel front derailleur structure, and the utilization of the new XTR chain (CN-HG900-11) collectively make the M9000 an epitome of stability in the drivetrain realm.

The innovative Shadow design optimizes the slant angle, effectively reducing shift effort while enhancing overall shifting and driving stability. Additionally, the derailleur boasts a lower profile, providing enhanced protection against potential damage. The new Shadow Plus clutch introduces a simpler external clutch adjustment, contributing to a more user-friendly experience. Moreover, the derailleur offers a wider range of adjustment, facilitating an easier setup process for users. This amalgamation of advancements positions the M9000 as the most stable drivetrain the industry has ever witnessed.


- **Model:** Shimano XTR IRDM9000GS
- **UPC:** 689228604094
- **Weight:** 221 grams
- **Color:** Black
- **Condition:** New in Box
- **Warranty:** 3 Years
- **Cage Length:** Medium

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