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SPD SL Pedals for SHIMANO SPD System Clipless Pedal Bike Bicycle Lock Pedal

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KOOTU Road Bike Clipless Pedals and Cycling Cleats
Easy and safe cycling

1: KOOTU Road Bike Clipless Pedals and Cycling Cleats can help riders pedal forward in a more labor-saving posture, especially when going uphill,the effect is more obvious;

2: Protect the safety of the rider: The road lock pedal can help the rider to fix the position of the heel pedal, avoiding the risk of the rider's body center of gravity shifting due to the too fast frequency causing the foot to fall off the pedal.

3:Whether you are a professional cyclist or a beginner, it is worth having such a pair of professional pedal locks. Ride your favorite bike to feel the joy of cycling and enjoy cycling life!


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KOOTU focuses on the field of cycling equipment, and is dedicated to providing bicycle enthusiasts with cost-effective products!


Color: Black

Screw Thread: Standard 9/16 inch

Material: Aluminum Alloy+shaft chrome molybdenum steel

Weight: 300 g/ 0.66 pounds

Dimensions:90*70*35 mm/3.54*2.76*1.38 inch


Designed for professional riding, enjoy your cycling life.
Lifestyle Occasions :

This men's women's Self-Locking Pedals for Road Bikes is perfect for road riding, bike race, road bikes, mountain bikes, commuting, touring, indoor cycling classes, spinning class, training sessions and indoor peloton bikes.

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