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Specialized RBX Classic Short Sleeve Jersey

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For those who prioritize a balance between performance and comfort, the Women's RBX Classic Short Sleeve Jersey emerges as an excellent choice. While a skinsuit may be the ultimate selection for those singularly focused on performance, the Women's RBX Classic Short Sleeve Jersey caters to individuals who appreciate the value of combining performance with comfort. This jersey is crafted to deliver the technical features essential for cycling, while ensuring a level of comfort that enhances the overall riding experience. Opt for the Women's RBX Classic Short Sleeve Jersey if you seek a well-rounded option that seamlessly merges performance with comfort, catering to the preferences of a broader spectrum of cyclists.


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The Women's RBX Classic Short Sleeve Jersey is expertly crafted from VaporRize knit fabrics, placing a deliberate emphasis on achieving a harmonious balance between durability and moisture management. This strategic design ensures that the jersey not only stands the test of time but also delivers lasting comfort throughout your cycling journeys.

Enhancing the comfort factor, the jersey features a full-length front zipper, allowing for convenient on-the-fly venting. The design also incorporates a women's-specific Regular Fit, striking the perfect balance between a race-inspired cut and a classic fit. This Regular Fit is tailored to provide ample room for movement, making it ideal for long, all-out rides. It avoids any pinching or feelings of constriction, offering a comfortable and enjoyable experience on the bike.

In summary, the Women's RBX Classic Short Sleeve Jersey offers a winning combination of durability, moisture management, and comfort, making it a versatile choice for cyclists seeking a reliable and performance-oriented jersey for various riding conditions.


The Women's RBX Classic Short Sleeve Jersey boasts a range of features designed to enhance your cycling experience:

- **Lightweight, Soft Knit Fabric:** Delivers a gentle feel against the skin while providing support in key areas.

- **Three Standard Pockets:** Ample space for securely storing ride essentials and electronics, ensuring convenience during your cycling adventures.

- **Full-Length Front Zipper:** Empowers you to manage ventilation on the go, especially beneficial during intense efforts or cool descents.

- **UPF 30+ Rating:** Provides effective protection against harmful ultraviolet rays, safeguarding your skin during sun-exposed rides.

- **Women's-Specific Regular Fit:** Tailored for a generous fit that is close to the body without causing constriction. Strikes a balance between a race-inspired cut and classic comfort.

- **Fabric Content:** Composed of 100% Polyester, emphasizing its lightweight properties and moisture-wicking capabilities.

With a thoughtful combination of comfort, functionality, and protection, the Women's RBX Classic Short Sleeve Jersey is crafted to enhance your cycling performance and overall enjoyment on the road.

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