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Sweet Protection Dissenter MIPS Bike Helmet

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When it comes to Sweet Protection, top of the line engineering is a standard, and the Sweet Protection Dissenter MIPS Bike Helmet is no exception. Simple, yet tasteful, this in-mold construction helmet stays light weight and comfortable with the Occigrip Turn Dial and Comfort Pads that keep things clean and easy for hot laps or all day excursions. A MIPS slip-plane liner provides you with additional protection from rotational impacts, and the STACC ventilation system specifically cools off the temporal artery for reliable cooling all day long.


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Polycarbonate / EPS Foam
In-Mold Construction – In-mold construction is a technique that directly fuses the shock absorbing EPS liner with the polycarbonate shells to create a lightweight and strong structure
Mono Shell Construction – Polycarbonate mono shell construction with geometrical shapes to add rigidity in critical areas.
EPS Liner – The advanced EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) Liner is constructed with variable bridge- and channel volume in order to optimize the overall impact protection performance.
Comfort Pads – Molded Comfort Pads with soft and comfortable foam wrapped in an anti-allergenic, moisture-wicking fabric. Each helmet is delivered with two pad thicknesses for easy fitting.
Occigrip Turn Dial – Makes the helmet easily adjustable with a low volume mechanism. The Occigrip construction provides a firm and comfortable fit and prevents the helmet from rolling on your head. Adjustable in both reach and height.
DOV Ventilation – Ventilation optimized through digital airflow simulation. This ensures the air flows well through vents and internal channels at different speeds.
STACC Ventilation – STACC is short for Superficial Temporal Artery Cooling Channel. A front vent, an internal channel, and an exhaust vent cool down the temporal artery without exposing your temples which are the most vulnerable area of the head. Patent Pending.
MIPS – The MIPS Brain Protection System helmet-integrated low-friction layer is designed to reduce rotational motion transferred to the brain from angled impacts to the head.


Biking Type:Mountain
Helmet Style:Half Shell
Helmet Venting:Fixed Venting
Audio:Not Included
Removable Ear Pads:No
Adjustable Fit:Yes
Weight (g):330
Warranty:2 Years

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