There are millions of people around the world suffering from migraines and the fact that so far, no cure has been found for their ailment. Obviously, some medicines help with the condition but aren’t we all on a quest for a natural aid for our health issues?

Physical activity should be a part of our life as it is beneficial for us in all aspects. But due to the physical state of everyone we can not always do whatever we would like. Cycling is one of the physical activities that can easily be adjusted to individual needs and capabilities.

Research suggests that migraine sufferers could find some relief through indoor cycling.

Dr. Carolyn Bernstein, from Beth Isreal-Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts, says that the low-impact nature of cycling indoors is a fantastic way to help ease the symptoms of migraines. Being a migraine sufferer herself, she claims that exercise in general can help relief, but it is not a complete cure. “There’s not one thing we can do to end the migraines for all time at this point, but there are a lot of different options that we can offer,” she said. “We can hope and most likely get you to a better place than where you are now.”

“When we exercise, a lot of the time we feel better afterward. We get all kinds of neurotransmitters going in our brain that can decrease pain levels.”

We should mention the 2008 study from Sweden that found that indoor cycling improved migraine symptoms. It was a small study that included 26 patients, who cycled indoors three days a week for three months. Nevertheless, the results were clear. Patients reported their quality of life had increased, the frequency and intensity of migraine attacks had decreased, and subsequently their reliance on medication.

In another study a few years later the same authors studied the correlation between exercise and migraine further and found that migraineurs who exercised for 40 minutes 3 times a week, those who practiced some relaxation techniques, and those who took topiramate for prevention of migraine all reported the same rate of reduction in their headaches over a 9-month period.

Experts agree it is important that migraineurs exercise wisely though:

  • eat a nutritious snack before exercising to avoid low blood sugar
  • keep hydrated
  • wear sunglasses
  • don’t overexert yourselves.

Cycling is the answer.


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