Electrolytes are vital for your muscles, brain, cardiovascular system, nervous system, and generally maintaining the body’s proper functions.

For most people electrolyte needs are met through a balanced diet, though imbalance may happen from dehydration due to illness or excess heat.

Through sweat, you lose both water and electrolytes, especially sodium and chloride.

After exercising for a long time, particularly in the heat, you can experience significant electrolyte loss.


For endurance athletes who are exercising for more than two hours or those who exercise in extreme heat, it is advisable to drink electrolyte-enriched drinks to replace their losses.

For everyone else, eating a balanced diet and drinking water to remain hydrated is enough.

Here is an easy and healthy ready option in form of a drink mix that is free from sugar, calories, and artificial sweeteners. You will find many more on our page.

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If you do not like to get ready electrolytes, see how you can make it very economically and tasty yourself!


Here is the recipe.

You will need:

Water bottle


Honey or brown sugar (2 tablespoons)

A little salt (equal to the tip of the teaspoon)

A little baking soda (a little more than salt)

Fresh lemon or orange juice.


Heat a small amount of water to dissolve the brown sugar or honey. Add salt and baking soda and stir. Finally, add water and juice to the drink. Personally, I put about ½ lemon in 500ml of water.


With this simple recipe, you will replenish your sodium, calcium, and magnesium during exercise!

Tell us how you keep your electrolytes in check.

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