Some of you are blessed to live in the areas where your cycling is not affected by the change of the seasons. Others endure long winter days waiting for the sun to be able to hit the road again. Regardless, but especially for those who have had their bikes stored for a long time, the time has come to get ready, make sure that your bike is up for it. You can do many of the preparations on your own.

1 Give it a “spa treatment”

Rise and shine. Start with a nice wash. Choose the cleaning aids carefully, though. Water, cloth and mild soap are sufficient. Finish with protection fluid to keep the bike dirt and corrosion-resistant for longer.

2 Check your brakes

Braking should always be smooth and effortless. Test the bike shifters and the brake pads. Make sure that the brakes don’t stick and that they stop the moving wheel. You can adjust the brake lever by unscrewing the barrel adjuster slightly.

3 Check your brake pads

The brake pads shouldn’t be loose or appear worn. Adjusting the brake cable with a screwdriver will fix the problem of loose pads that are too far away from the rim, and if they look worn you will have to replace them.

4 Adjust the derailleurs and shifters

Place your bike upside down and spin the pedals to check that the gears shift correctly. Make sure that the cable is in good condition and sufficiently fastened.

5 Check the chain

The chain is a wear and tear part and you have to make sure that it is in a good shape. To test how much it’s loosened, press your fingers on the top of the chain to check its tension – the chain shouldn’t move more than half an inch. Replace the chain if you need to.

6 Lube the chain

By lubing the chain, you will be lubing all the moving parts of the crankset and ensuring its smooth operation. We suggest applying a dry kind as the wet lubricant tends to collect dust and dirt since it is thick and not so easy to wipe all the residue.

7 Check the spokes

Spin the wheels to check if they are looking a little wonky. If so, tightening up the right spokes will solve the problem. Be mindful not to overtight the spokes as that would create too much tension and deformities or damages to the rim.

8 Check the tires

After being stored for a while tires lose pressure. So check them and pump the tires to the recommended tire pressure. Check for visible damages as well. If necessary, replace them with new ones.

9 Check the bike seat

Inspect your bike seat. You don’t want to ride your bike in discomfort. Replace a worn-out seat, and adjust any looseness.

10 Check safety gear

Make sure that all the lights and reflectors work. In some places it is illegal to be on the road without properly functioning safety gear.

Even though you can do all of these things on your own it is recommended to take your bicycle for a service at least once a year and leave it to the professionals.

We wish you many sunny days and enjoyable rides.

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