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Sweet Protection Arbitrator MIPS Bike Helmet

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Today's trail bikes are more capable than last year's DH sleds, able to tame the heaviest terrain. The consequences for making a mistake out there haven't changed though, making the Sweet Protection Arbitrator MIPS Bike Helmet a smart solution for riders who find themselves getting gnarlier than most. A carbon fiber DH helmet with MIPS, solid safety certifications, and smooth styling make this a top convertible helmet to consider, with the removable chin bar adding a huge bump in confidence and safety. Protect your grill!


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Carbon Fiber, Zytel

4-Piece Carbon Shell Construction – The unique four-piece in-mold shell structure utilizes variable outer shell thicknesses and geometrical shapes to optimize the protection performance.

Zytel Internal Frame

Occigrip Turn Dial – Makes the helmet easily adjustable with a low volume mechanism. The Occigrip construction provides a firm and comfortable fit and prevents the helmet from rolling on your head. Adjustable in both reach and height.

Comfort Pads – Molded Comfort Pads with soft and comfortable foam wrapped in an anti-allergenic, moisture-wicking fabric. Each helmet is delivered with two pad thicknesses for easy fitting.

STACC Ventilation – STACC is short for Superficial Temporal Artery Cooling Channel. A front vent, an internal channel, and an exhaust vent cool down the temporal artery without exposing your temples which are the most vulnerable area of the head. Patent Pending.

DOV Ventilation – Ventilation optimized through digital airflow simulation. This ensures the air flows well through vents and internal channels at different speeds.


Material: Carbon Fiber, Polycarbonate
Biking Type: Mountain
Helmet Style: Full Face, Half Shell
Helmet Venting: Fixed Venting
Visor: Yes
Removable Ear Pads: No
Weight (g): 980
Warranty: 2 Years

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